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Working with the IIE Advisor


What do the IIE Advisors Do?

The IIE advisors are responsible for supporting you and the FLTAs during the academic year. They advise FLTAs on immigration regulations and FLTA Program policies, visa and grant benefits, and cultural adjustment issues. They monitor and enforce the FLTAs’ compliance with J visa regulations and FLTA Program requirements. And they are here to assist you.

When Should I Contact the IIE Advisor?

You are welcome to reach out to the appropriate IIE advisor at any time if you have questions or concerns, however here is a list of common reasons you may need to contact them:

  • The FLTA is repeatedly failing to meet expectations in their role as a teaching assistant.

  • The FLTA is failing to meet academic expectations or is not attending courses.

  • The FLTA is not meeting expectations in their role as a cultural ambassador.

  • The FLTA is experiencing housing issues that could not be resolved.

  • The FLTA is experiencing medical, psychological, or other issues that may negatively impact their ability to participate in their program.

  • If you have questions about FLTA Program policies or procedures or about J visa regulations.

  • If there is a significant change to the scope or type of the FLTA’s work that may impact their compliance with J visa regulations or FLTA Program policy.

  • If you have any other questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with an IIE advisor – they are here to help!

  • Please also share good news and positive stories! IIE shares these stories with the Program Sponsors and we often invite these FLTAs to draft blog posts, present at enrichment events, and share their experiences through other media.

Please note that each IIE advisor advises over 200 FLTAs, so we appreciate your efforts to resolve issues first. However, never hesitate to contact your IIE advisor if they can assist – in our experience, issues that are not addressed early can become intractable.