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In addition to this website, the following resources are available for your reference:

  • The FLTA Supervisor Guidebook is your primary source for information on the FLTA Program. If you have not reviewed this guide recently, please take some time to revisit it.

  • The FLTA Supervisor Toolkit summarizes frequently-referenced sections of the Guidebook.

  • Fulbright Online is the FLTAs’ primary source of information about the FLTA Program. If you do not have the host institution login credentials, contact the appropriate IIE advisor.

  • The FLTA Toolkit: Preparing for Your FLTA Program is designed to help FLTAs prepare for their FLTA program. It also includes a checklist of topics to discuss with their FLTA supervisor over the summer. You may find it useful to review this resource as well.

  • The IIE advisors are responsible for supporting you and the FLTAs during the year. See Working with the IIE Advisor in the FLTA Supervisor Toolkit for details on their role.